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Best images about VIXX on Pinterest Hello~ ヽ(;▽;)I only have a fish as a pet but he is a good fish. Thanks for playing~Here's the orinal: BTS Cats Dating Doors So first of all, Imfact is one one of my favorite Kpop s of all time, because of many reasons and in this post i'm gonna tell you some of them and also why you should stan them They debuted on January 27th 2016 Their ... Explore KPOP FANGIRL's board "VIXX❤ " on Pinterest. VIXX abandons their ' boy next door' image for CeCi. HAT VERSION OF DATING DOOR GAME.

Kpop <strong>dating</strong> quiz <strong>vixx</strong> - love <strong>dating</strong> pictures of hearts romantic.

Kpop dating quiz vixx - love dating pictures of hearts romantic. He says hi to me when I walk up to the fish tank (in fish language). So first of all, Imfact is one one of my favorite Kpop ... Leo Vixx Dating VIXXs Ken to play a character with no dating experience on Boarding House #24 By kpop idols dating, kpop diets and exercises,

Game <em>Dating</em> Door Kpop ~ Long version - YouTube

Game Dating Door Kpop ~ Long version - YouTube Actually more of like in a rush to post everything before he debuted. Jun 6, 2016. Game Dating Door Kpop ~ Long version. you must to choose a proposition in all the categories ex husband - door 4. VIXX - Dynamite.

<em>VIXX</em> <em>Dating</em> Door Game! Dream House - YouTube

VIXX Dating Door Game! Dream House - YouTube Hey guys, so I have finals in a week so I'm stressing out like a mofo 😭😭 (pray for me I need it)so this means I'm probably not gonna be able to finish my scenarios until near the end of the month. 😭 but I'll still try to post if I finish them earlier! please and thank you with 🍒 on top😇Hii~ can I request for a ken fic where you two have mental disorders (like a personality disorder) but that doesn't hinder you two from having a relationship. He laughed quietly to himself as he starts to tickle him. You felt poking your cheeks trying to get you attention. “Oh jagiya, I wasnt expecting you there” he said looking you up and down “where are you going? You hear a car horn from outside honk.“Im going out for dinner, ill be back later! When you go to the restaurant you realized you forgot your phone. ” you said “There is a reason Im dating you for a reason”. “Your immature moments is what made me fall for you harder” you said looking away blushing a little. Jan 9, 2015. have fun with Vixx oppars!~.~ hh five for those who got Ken! we'll be living in a same roof lol with kenjumma~ ^^.

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Vixx dating sim - all autos Can I please have a fic with N where reader is a witch/psychic and reader knew N and them were meant to be( they were together in many past lifes too? There were days when the two of you wouldn't be in sync but there would be a day when they would be in sync and they would spend every second to be together until the last minute of the day~~ this mht not be on your category of fics you do but hahaha this idea got me going crazy. ~You shake your head as you were hanging out in the practice room with vixx. You spent hours with your brother catching up on everything. ” you said surprised looking at the time on your watch “I should get going it’s Midnht! When you got home you gave your brother a hug and kissed him on the cheek saying goodbye. You grab your chest and look around in the dark room to see Hyuk sitting next to the window.“I was out with my Oppa…” you told him as you kick off your shoes and walk over to where he was. He grabbed your chin turning your head to kiss you. Download vixx dating sim 2 0 video in full hd mp4, flv or 3gp mobile format and Watch online in hh quality.

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VIXX 빅스 - Dating Door Game - YouTube Your blog rocks and is awesome btw^^Gif Credit Request: Can I have a scenario where Hyuk is dating a noona (you) but he is insecure because he thinks the reader likes more mature men and he starts getting suspicious when she starts going out all the time- turns out she is meeting with her brother Thx for all the great scenarios! Hyuk was putting shaving cream on Kens hand while he was asleep on the couch. He told you all about his time over seas and you told him everything that he missed back at home. You open the apartment door quietly trying not to make to much noise. The moonlht hit his face and you saw how sad and tired he looked. He brings his hands to your waist pushing you back onto the couch. Dec 14, 2013. song title VIXX - 오늘부터 내 여자 My girl today picture ST☆RLHT my twitter https// This is my first video here. hope.

KPOP <em>Dating</em> Door Game - BIRTHDAY version 9 Categories.

KPOP Dating Door Game - BIRTHDAY version 9 Categories. You were sitting next to Ravi and Leo while N and Hongbin where out talking to their manager. “I ed and texted you” he said looking out the window again. You looked at him shocked and then you realized why he thought that. ” you said.“Then why were you with that guy saying Oppa and then kissing him” he said pointing out the window “and leaving the practice room the other day! And the next thing you knew was his hands everywhere tickling you. ” you said trying to breath properly.“Come on Y/N,” He said “you know you like it”. Apr 15, 2017. KPOP Dating Door Game - BIRTHDAY version 9 Categories. Got 7 7 Ken Vixx ♡ 8 Jooheon Monsta X 9 Junior Got 7 *No Exo.

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BTS Cats Dating Doors Results K-Pop Amino - Amino Apps “Tell Hyuk Im going home, Ill see you guys later” you said waving goodbye as you walk out the door. You haven’t talked to him for a few years because he was studying aboard. You shed ‘this kid I swear’ you thought ggling a little out loud. You lost connection with so you wonder how it was gonna be like. I’m bored” he said.“Not today Hyuk” you said looking up at the ceiling “I’m feeling tired, I just want to lay here”. You lay on his lap with your eyes closed as he starts to play with his hair. When you squint your eyes from the brht lht as turn over on the bed. After you get home and get ready, your brother texts you to tell you he’s waiting outside. When you open the door Hyuk trips in not expecting you. Ill see you later” you wave as you disappeared down the hall. Feb 10, 2017. BTS Cats Dating Doors Results. Hello~ ヽ;▽;. I only have a fish as a pet but he is a good fish. He says hi to me when I walk up to the fish tank.

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Bangtan Boys Dating Door Game - YouTube ” he yelled as Hyuk started to run knowing ken would chase him.“Alrht guys I’m gonna go” you told the members as N and Hongbin walk back in. Hahah" you said over the phone talking to your brother. You heard some shuffling in the background and you turn to see Hyuk struggling to quietly take off his shoes. Closing at your eyes you sh thinking about meeting your brother after so many years. Looking at the clock across on the dresser you saw it was 8. You got out at 4 and headed home to change for when you meet up with your brother. This is a BTS dating Door Game If you want me to do another just ask Have Fun! Comment who you got Song If I Ruled the World.

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